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Laura Stasack

About Laura Stasack

Philosophy of Education: I have wanted to be a teacher ever since I was in elementary school. My first two teachers made me feel special and capable of anything. I want to make a positive school experience for my students. School should be a place where children feel safe, loved, appreciated, challenged, and inspired. I would like to provide an atmosphere where children respect each other and value their own unique qualities. There is no job more rewarding than teaching.

Education and Teaching Experience: I received my BA from Humboldt State University, did a year of graduate work at the UO, and received my teaching credential from UC Davis. I taught for 5 years at Kennedy Middle School, and I also taught for 19 years at Crest Drive (9 years in 2nd grade and 10 years in kindergarten). This will be my third year at Adams Elementary. In addition, I have coached swimming, soccer, and volleyball, and I tutored adults in English when I lived in France for a year.


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Birthday: September 25th

Hometown: Eureka, CA

Education: Humboldt State University, UO, and UC Davis

Favorite Book: The Secret Garden

Hobbies: My family, quilting, and scrapbooking

Email: <stasack_l@4j.lane.edu>

Attendance:  541-790-5025